Who What

Welcome home.
You’re back.
Look away from your screen.
Look around.
Consider this space.
Your home for now.
A character.
A container.
Walls, doors, windows, wiring, plumbing, light fixtures, furnace, flooring, moulding, locks (this could be expanded to include a longer list of things that would include a wide variety of things people might have around them).
A fancy box.
How old is it?
How many lives have the walls supported?
How many after you will there be?
How many different buildings and structures have there been?
How many people have lived on this land?
How many more will there be?

Look around. Really look.
Consider this space - yours for now.
Remember yourself in the objects you see.
Your space is full of you.
Remember this space was once empty?
Over time it has become a living sculpture that you breathe yourself into in tiny details.
Almost preferable when they’re only discernible to you.
Secrets shared with a space.